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Karasamadhana Scheme, 2021 extended till 30th Oct, 2021

The Government of Karnataka had announced the Karasamadhana Scheme in order to complete the pre-GST legacy audit and clear tax arrears expeditiously along with waiver of penalty and interest.

The following laws are covered under this scheme:

a) The Karnataka Sales Tax Act, 1957, b) The Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, 2003, c) The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956, d) The Karnataka Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1976, e) The Karnataka Tax on Luxuries Act, 1979, f) The Karnataka Agricultural Income Tax Act, 1957, g) The Karnataka Entertainment Tax Act, 1958 and h) The Karnataka Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 1979.

Time for completion of assessments/re-assessments/rectification and other proceedings under this scheme has been extended upto 30th October, 2021.

Order No. FD 49 CSL 2021

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