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E-way bill enhancements

  1. Recipient GSTIN should be registered and active, on the date of preparation of the document by the supplier.

  2. Document Nos. are case sensitive for e-Waybill generation.

  3. In the Bulk Upload, if the Pin-to-Pin distance is not known, distance may be passed as zero. The system will automatically populate the distance, if available. However, if the distance is not available then error is returned. For such cases, user has to pass the distance.

  4. If Pin code does not exist in the EWB system then at-least the first 3 digits of the pin code must match with the State selected.

  5. In Bulk upload, 96 can also be passed as state code for ‘Other Country’.

  6. In case EWB is generated from e-Invoice System, then IRN is displayed in the e-Waybill print

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